A Dream Come True: Formerly Known As arrives at Fenwick!

September was a busy month here at FKA HQ! Our childhood dreams materialised into reality as the iconic Fenwick department store in Newcastle welcomed our trailblazing gender-neutral clothing brand with open arms. The store that once served as our fashion haven during our formative years now showcases our vision for clothing for everybody. We're thrilled to announce that both Collection 01 & 02 are now available for shoppers to explore, with a winter collection also dropping veryyyy soon!

Our collections showcase a harmonious blend of style and inclusivity. From the  versatile white shirt to the statement leather harness piece, every garment is designed to be effortlessly adaptable. By focusing on quality materials and thoughtful craftsmanship, we aim to create enduring pieces that stand the test of time - go see for yourself! 

Our launch at Fenwick marks a significant milestone in our journey towards reshaping the fashion industry. We are immensely grateful for this opportunity and remain committed to pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and championing inclusivity in every thread of our creations. We invite you to join us in this movement, and together, let's redefine fashion for a more inclusive future. Visit us at Fenwick Newcastle and be a part of the revolution!

Big Love, Felicity & Andrea x

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