Clothing is for Everybody


Inclusivity in fashion is no longer just a trend; it has become a fundamental shift in the industry's mindset. It's a recognition that clothing is a form of self-expression, and everyone deserves the opportunity to express themselves authentically. 

For as long as I can remember, I have shopped across a wide range of departments and sizes. From collecting mens & boys football shirts, to purchasing a cool pair of men's brogues for my first office job, I take pleasure in leaving labels at the door.  Clothing is about wearing what makes you feel confident, comfortable, and authentic, rather than conforming to societal expectations. Isn't it strange that a man can wear a kilt but not a skirt ...? It actually wasn't until the early 19th Century that the western male stopped wearing tights, bloomers, and skirts and adopted full-length slim trousers.

Clothing was originally used to signal aristocratic status, but this fell out of favour and we began wearing more functional garments! 

"Dress your Age"

The idea that certain styles are exclusively for the young has perpetuated narrow beauty standards and limited choices for older individuals. Fortunately, the fashion industry is now challenging this notion. More brands are featuring older models in their campaigns, and the concept of "age-appropriate" clothing is fading away. Clothing should empower individuals of all ages to express themselves and feel confident in their skin.

male actor Brian Cox poses with flowers for streetwear brand Kith

(IMG: Actor Brian Cox for Streetwear Brand Kith)

Whether you're 20 or 70, you deserve to wear clothing that reflects your personality and style. 

By celebrating diversity and demanding change, we can continue to push the boundaries of fashion and make it truly accessible to everybody.

Big Love,

A x

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